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EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes Business Matchmaking Platform
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Open until December 31, 2023

Keeping Ukrainian goods moving:

EU-Ukraine Business Matchmaking Platform

Since Russia's unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine and the blockade of Ukrainian seaports, Ukraine has been unable to export its produce to destinations around the world via the usual routes. This situation threatens global food security; alternative routes are needed urgently.

  • Are you looking for ways to support Ukrainian exports?
  • Does your business offer transport or storage solutions?
  • Are you a Ukrainian grain trader and you are looking for a logistics partner to export your products?

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Launched by the European Commission, and operated by the Enterprise Europe Network, this platform aims to bring EU and Ukrainian businesses together quickly so that they may find pragmatic solutions to the export of agricultural produce from Ukraine starting immediately.

The platform contributes to the implementation of one of the actions foreseen under the EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes Action Plan. It brings together businesses in the EU and Ukraine to:

  • identify new logistics chains for the export and import of products and materials from/to Ukraine;
  • find new partners for logistics and international trade;
  • share insights on solutions and initiatives to rethink logistics and supply chains, adapt infrastructure and get the right equipment and machinery to the right place.

The platform focuses on the following sectors:

  • logistics industry: sales, procurement, transport, storage, transshipment;
  • production and recycling: agriculture and food products, raw materials, etc.
  • export and import of agricultural products: wheat, corn, barley, sunflower, sugar beet, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, etc.;
  • export and import of food products: vegetable oil, meat, dairy, sugar, flour, beverages, bakery and confectionery, etc.;
  • export and import of raw materials: parts for agricultural technologies, metal, wood, mineral fertilisers, petrol, and diesel fuel, etc.

This platform complements two other European Commission-supported business matchmaking platforms that are helping address the disruption caused by the war and that can be useful for your business: the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Supply Chain Resilience platform and the EU Clusters Support Ukraine forum, see details in the section More cooperation

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Austria 13
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Spain 10
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United Kingdom 9
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Denmark 8
Switzerland 6
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United States 5
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Malta 1
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Albania 1
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Other 108
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