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EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes Business Matchmaking Platform
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Open until December 31, 2024

This platform complements two other European Commission-supported business matchmaking platforms that are helping address the disruption caused by the war and that can be useful for your business: the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Supply Chain Resilience platform and the EU Clusters Support Ukraine forum.

The EEN Supply Chain Resilience platform helps companies in the EU or Ukraine retain, re-structure or replace existing supply chains, as well as source raw materials, parts, components and/or (semi-) finished goods or services they need to keep production going. It offers a partner matchmaking tool to help you overcome your urgent needs and any disruption to your value chain.

If you want to engage in humanitarian aid for Ukraine and to support Ukrainian refugees please consult the EU Clusters Support Ukraine Forum. In this Forum you can share information, register your offers of assistance, propose collaborations and request assistance in order to facilitate procurement and delivery of urgent humanitarian requirements.

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Ukraine 547
Poland 150
Germany 74
Italy 64
Romania 64
Netherlands 40
Belgium 37
Portugal 16
Hungary 15
Lithuania 15
France 12
Austria 12
Bulgaria 12
Slovakia 11
Spain 10
Czech Republic 9
Latvia 9
United Kingdom 9
Canada 9
Denmark 8
Luxembourg 6
Switzerland 6
United States 5
Norway 5
Estonia 4
Greece 4
Finland 3
Slovenia 3
North Macedonia 3
Singapore 2
India 2
Nigeria 2
Ireland 2
Liechtenstein 1
Uzbekistan 1
Botswana 1
United Arab Emirates 1
Croatia 1
Malta 1
Moldova, Republic Of 1
South Africa 1
Israel 1
Albania 1
Ecuador 1
Sweden 1
Total 1182
Manufacturer 287
Transport & Logistics 221
Other 115
Distributor, Wholesaler, Importer 99
Grain Producer/Exporter 91
Food Producer/Exporter 89
Consulting (business, tax, legal) 75
Service provider (logistic) 64
Agency, Association 59
Government, Authority 47
Supplier, sub-contractor 35
Total 1182
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