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EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes Business Matchmaking Platform
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Open until December 31, 2024


Date: 25th of April 2024

10 AM CET time
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Third year of Spring sowing season in Ukraine producers are meeting in the War conditions.

More than 14 regions in Ukraine have already started the spring crops sowing. And the structure of crops in the fields this season remains traditional. Agrarian experts predict that wheat, corn and sunflower will continue to dominate, with little change in the area compared to the previous year. Soybeans and sugar beets remain quite popular, followed by peas, barley, and other crops with a large margin.

Predicting specific forecasts for the Ukrainian agricultural sector for the sowing season in 2024 involves considering various factors including economic conditions, geopolitical events, and agricultural trends, export and logistic issues.

The main aim of the event provides EU participants with the main forecasts, trends and difficulties with the Spring sowing 2024.During the Pitch session expected presentations and commercial proposal offers from the side of the EU/UA producers/importers/exporters of fertilizers and machinery, logistic and storage companies that will be support process of the sowing and export agriproducts.

What can you expect?

- General overview of the main tendencies, trends and challenges, that faced farmers during the Sowing season 2024;

- Discussion and q&a session, with the agrarian experts and consultants

- Matchmaking event and b2b session

- Possibility to find the most interesting proposition for business development, transport and export.

Whom we are looking for?

WARNING !!! We are looking for producers/importers/exporters of fertilizers and agriproducts, farmers and agrarian exports, agrarian and logistic companies, all who are interesting to make a presentation that will be interesting for the participants in the frame of the main topic of the event ( as agreed with the meeting organizers )

🇪🇺🇺🇦 The event will be held within the framework of the EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes platform (https://eu-ua-solidarity-lanes.seu.b2match.io) which was launched by the European Commission and managed by the EEN-Ukraine Consortium!

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